Project: "PowerSync Tray for iPad"
Company:Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.
Designer(s): Cesaroni Design: William Cesaroni, Morad Ghassemian, Jared Fritts Bretford Manufacturing Chris Petrick, Matt Petrick,Tad Petrick, Chris Brandel, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The PowerSync Tray is a compact docking station with a smart design to accommodate various combinations of iPad, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, totaling up to 10 iOS devices. Not only does it handle and organize these various Apple products, but when connected to a Mac, the PowerSync Tray automatically switches over to a USB 2.0 mode for simultaneous syncing. The unit charges each device simultaneously, providing 2.1 amp charging power to each device. While charging, there is the ability to sync up to 10 iPad devices with iTunes, moving all selected apps, books, videos, music and Podcasts to each iPad. To enable syncing, simply configure each iPad in your collection to sync with iTunes, place it in the tray, and connect the dock connector cable. When all are configured, iTunes will be able to sync all the devices. Connecting multiple trays together, “Daisy Chaining”, allow you to sync up to an impressive 30 iPad devices on one USB port. This stylish compact design is suited for almost any space. The cover offers a locking lid for security and easy transport with a ventilated design to ensure the devices stay at an appropriate temperature, keeping the devices running properly. With usability in mind, the PowerSync offers LEDs and a laser cut numbering system. The LEDs turn from amber to a bright green color when 100% charged. When all devices are fully charged, the Bretford logo located on the front left side will be lit green, letting the user know the devices are ready to use. With safety being a necessity in design, the PowerSync Tray has been listed to UL standard 60950 for charging and syncing with the security lid removed, open and closed. The PowerSync Tray makes it possible to bring technology into daily instruction and classroom settings.

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From product conception to market introduction Cesaroni Design offers the best in industrial design, product research, graphic user interface design, ergonomic analysis, model building, prototyping and branding. Cesaroni Design is a consistent leader in Industrial Design as a result of our firm commitment to progressive product design. Our product designers are continually introduced to new manufacturing processes and challenged to develop innovative product solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to being a knowledgeable design resource with an in-depth understanding of successful product design and development. Our product designers are proficient in the following software: SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PhotoWorks, Abode Illustrator and CorelDraw.