Project: "Bordeaux, the Wine Shop"
Company:Brunel University London
Designer(s): Andrew Chong Chin Chuan, United Kingdom
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: A concept of a 'convenient store' for wine. All other references to wine shops in everywhere were referenced to luxury, while this proposal to be a more approachable and friendly wine shop; and it's accessible in normal lifestyle. Thus, the design was based on funky and young, graphical designed identity.

About the Designer/Company
+ Currently a Postgraduate student in Brunel University London for the course of MA Design and Branding Strategy. + Interior Designer with 3.5 years commercial experience under supervision of renowned architects. + Completed several commercial projects included Retail Design, Restaurant Design, Pharmacy Design, Office Design, Residential Design and Identity Design. + In Charge of a small- medium design department for several projects. Manage the progress of Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation and Contract Implementation under certain professional design management guidelines.