Project: "ReDefine Dining. A Catalog Design for Hospitality Supplies"
Company:Brunel University London
Designer(s): Andrew Chong Chin Chuan, United Kingdom
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: This project is about to create a signature catalog design for a tableware supplies company. The design brief is to re- interpret an ordinary catalogue design to a more sophisticated look. Presentation on the products are highlighted with black background colour to brings out the form of the bowls and plates, and the typography of the catalog is designed based on a simple and clean arrangement. It helps to keep the catalog more readable.

About the Designer/Company
+ Currently a Postgraduate student in Brunel University London for the course of MA Design and Branding Strategy. + Interior Designer with 3.5 years commercial experience under supervision of renowned architects. + Completed several commercial projects included Retail Design, Restaurant Design, Pharmacy Design, Office Design, Residential Design and Identity Design. + In Charge of a small- medium design department for several projects. Manage the progress of Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation and Contract Implementation under certain professional design management guidelines.