Project: "Art & Design Building Renovation"
Designer(s): Xiaoqian Dong, Guanqun Wang are interior design students in University of Central Oklahoma. They have won the "ROBERT BRUCE THOMPSON LIGHT FIXTURE DESIGN COMPETITION 2010" First place and Second place. They also have outstanding performances and have won "Dean's Honor Roll 2011". As interior designers, they believe that "Getting in new teaching , improving in practice, learning is endless". . , China
Category: Interior Design, Student
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Entry Description: Background: The University of Central Oklahoma is the oldest institution of higher learning in Oklahoma, dating back to December 24, 1890. The Art and Design Building in UCO was originally constructed in 1952 as the Student Union. This building was completely renovated to include classrooms, studios, and the Central Museum of Art in 1976. Since art and design building is an old building over 50 years, it is lack of functional layout and design taste. The aim of the project is to renovate and design the interior of art and design building more functional and fashion to meet studentsí requirements. Primary Intentions: Firstly, it is important to create a main entrance and an obvious main office for this building. Secondly, to avoid clutter and confused route, it is also important to change it into a unitary layout. Design Goals: Make use of the oblique steel pillar to build unique cheerful offices. Delightful colors and concrete walls are aimed to create a modern and fashion feeling. The substance of the design idea is to make converse on colors and materials and various lighting efficiency.

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