Project: "Bauhaus 90 line"
Designer(s): Fernando Prado, Brazil
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: A line of floor, table and wall lamps designed in tribute to the 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Strongly inspired by the school but with its own and contemporary language. Features an innovative height adjustment system that uses only the weight of its dome to lock into the desired position. The light beam can be directed for reading, towards a wall or ceiling, as an alternative for general lighting. Uses LED technology, with lifetime 20 times longer and energy consumption 10 times lesser than an incandescent bulb, light beam with no direct heat emission on the user and ideal for lamps that remain lit for a long period of time. Versions also available for electronic compact fluorescent up to 23W and halogen and incandescent, with pleasing color tones and possibility of dimming.

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