Company:MYKITA GmbH
Designer(s): Moritz Krueger, Daniel Haffmans, Harald Gottschling, Philipp Haffmans, Germany
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Entry Description: MYKITA EIGHT is a retrospective that documents the last eight years of the Berlin-based eyewear brand MYKITA, following its progression from the original headquarters in a former nursery to today’s MYKITA HAUS. The book sheds a little more light on what goes on behind the scenes at MYKITA and gives a voice to a variety of artists, customers and friends and their views on MYKITA. The book includes surprising, light-hearted as well as previously unseen works from Carl Bengtsson, Mark Borthwick, Billy & Hells, Lina Ekstrand, Mikio Hasui, Sarah Illenberger, Signe Kjaer, Kristin Loschert, Agathe Snow and Bernhard Willhelm. The “Me, MYKITA & I” section features a variety of glasses wearers from across the world revealing their personal favourite places and describing the spirit and feelings they associate with their MYKITA frames. ?We also hear from design critic Markus Frenzl, whose three essays describe life at work in a modern manufactory, analyse the phenomenon of collaborations, while also introducing readers to the research & evolution of MYKITA’s all-new material MYLON. The book’s design was inspired by a ”spectrum” theme that reflects the rich diversity characterising the firm. The ultimate aim of the book is to transform customers into true brand ambassadors, in order to relay the MYKITA story and spirit to their peers – in a fun and light hearted way.

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