Project: "Ground Zero Securitas Logo"
Company:The Grafiosi
Designer(s): Pushkar Thakur, India
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: To create an identity for a security company that would be able to stand out from the market competition, be formidable in it's own right and give out a strong message relating to security and we created a bold type letter G with a slashed 0 which doubles up as a Stop sign giving the message that the personnel would be able to prevent mishaps and nothing can get past them.

About the Designer/Company
At the turn of the millennium Pushkar Thakur, graphic designer and digital artist, realised his need to create a space that would hone and generate design that went beyond beauty and convention. His idea of creation began with a need to understand the current, analyse the possibilities, experiment with the odds and then to deliver. Be it the psychedelic tech-edge of a nightclub or the stylish sleek of a bar & lounge, the understated flamboyance pf a fashion designer, or neo-classic statement for a retail store, the bold sincerity for an international law firm or new-age grunge for an indie-band, conceptualising the uber-hip retail concepts or experimenting with the already established Multinationals – Versatile, global and exclusive, The Grafiosi, has successfully worked with various industries, brands and individuals creating a specific design vocabulary with and for each client, in and outside of India. Each project is catered to and worked on personally assuring the client, the market, the attitude, and the art. With a tight network of only the best creative professionals and production facilities, every single aspect of a project is overseen and executed with stringent quality control and efficiency. The minimal vibe of the contemporary, modern and slick or powerful energy of the retro, funky and cutting-edge; this studio is all about flexibility and experimentation through user-friendly and practical design. Motivated to bridge quality design, accessibility and saleability, it is bound to the belief of beautifying purposeful form within economic functionality. Brand building, nurturing and creation, is the integral discipline followed here and services are further particularised based on discourse between the designer, client and target audience. The Grafiosi, specialises in brand identity, packaging & print design, retail, social and eco conscious design. Excavating though these various facets this design hub is in constant creation.