Project: "The Night Thieves Teaser Poster"
Company:DOG & PONY
Designer(s): Jennifer Sparks (Creative Director), Bridget Jurgens (Account Executive), United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: In the short film “The Night Thieves”, a young thief, corrupted by her domineering pimp, breaks into a church at midnight, only to be caught and tied up by the resident preacher. Determined to save the girl from her wicked ways, the fiery preacher wages a battle of wills against the even more fiery girl, all the while holding some dark and shameful secrets of his own. As the night wares on and the girl and the preacher slowly grow closer, developing an oddly heartfelt bond, the threat of the pimp returns, fighting to reclaim the girl as his property in a final dramatic showdown. This teaser poster conveys a sense of hope to reflect the film's tagline - “Sometimes, being trapped is the only way we can be free...” Thus, the facial outline of the young thief is tilted upwards in contemplation of her important coming decision of standing on her own or following her current darker path. Her iconic aviators worn at night challenge the viewer to wonder what her eyes convey beneath. In the dark of night, the color of church lights' glow outline her silhouette. These colors reflect the palette that the audience will experience in the following payoff poster and the film.

About the Designer/Company
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