Project: "Nike CTR360"
Designer(s): Harald Dunnink, Martijn van Dam, Netherlands
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: In order to promote their newest CTR360 boot, Nike approached Momkai to create an integrated campaign starting February 1st. The objective was to create an inspiring challenge for FOTís (football obsessed teenagers) in The Netherlands to participate in and tell the athlete story of Rafael van der Vaart. For 28 days Van der Vaart shared insights and motivational tweets to help FOTís toughen up during the harsh winter period: 28 days to take control. Momkai created a custom ĎTake Controlí page in the Nike tab on Voetbalzone.nl that featured three layers. The first served as an enriched experience of Van der Vaartís tweets. His messages were further explained by infographics and videos. The second layer showcased the prices that could be won by joining in on the competition. Finally, the third layer was a rich product viewer that interactively highlighted the unique features of the new CTR360 boots.

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