Project: "STRIATIONS™ BioBased Tile® "
Company:Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Designer(s): Di Anna Borders, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: STRIATIONS™ is an environmentally friendly BioBased Tile® collection offering exciting visuals inspired by the natural qualities found in ancient stone and time-weathered wood. To further give the illusion of real wood and stone, STRIATIONS has been designed with a unique 12” x 24” linear format, offering you unlimited options to create sophisticated and stunning flooring layouts. This product will change the way you look at tile. These design features are presented in a non-PVC tile containing Armstrong’s exclusive BioStride polymer-which is made from rapidly renewable, U.S.-grown plant materials- 10% pre-consumer recycled content and 85% natural limestone. Made in the USA (it contains at least 60% content from US sources), STRIATIONS also boasts enhanced performance of standard VCT, with twice the indent resistance, five times greater impact resistance and true through-pattern construction for an extended floor life.

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