Project: "San Sebastian new access points to the subway"
Company:STUDIO MK27
Designer(s): architecture > studio mk27 author > marcio kogan co-authors > eduardo gurian . marcio tanaka team > carolina castroviejo . diana radomysler . eduardo chalabi . eduardo glycerio . elisa friedmann . gabriel kogan . lair reis . luciana antunes . maria cristina motta . mariana simas . oswaldo pessano . renata furlanetto . samanta cafardo . suzana glogowski , Brazil
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Entry Description: Conceived for a closed competition, the idea of this project was to enpower an element of public transport and transform it into a space of social and recreational content, as well as to create an identity element of the city. The proposal was to imagine other uses to occupy the coverage of the access point, with small incisions and a program form, an initial base of a combinatorial system that can be amplified. The design in question, is neither contextualized by its shape or its texture, but by the way they are exploited, the expected reaction of the appropriation through its spontaneous occupation.

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