Project: "Sharp Residence"
Company:Ward+Bake Architects
Designer(s): Ward+Blake Architects, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The Owner envisioned a two story house, but it seemed too imposing on the site. We presented this design as a way to respect the beautiful grassy slope and integrate with the environment. By nestling the house against the trees we created a datum line with nature. The driveway engages the garage at the uphill side allowing the house unencumbered views downslope. The basement was divided with two openings so the slope could engage the main level. We enhanced the existing stream with 3 small ponds, using excavated fill from the daylight basement. The Owner is thrilled with the design.

About the Designer/Company
Ward + Blake Architects was built on a distinctive vision: be provocative in thought, flexible in nature, and disciplined in execution. Since 1996, Ward + Blake have been creating spaces that reference the land and the history of the region while also embracing cutting-edge construction materials and techniques. We have created a working environment where the powers of innovation, smart building and creativity flourish. Our firm is composed of twelve trained professional people including four Licensed Architects, six Intern Architects, an Interior Designer and an Office Manager. Ward+Blake Architects is organized horizontally rather than vertically, which is to say that we realize our design work utilizing the strengths of our staff members at all phases of the project. This horizontal stratification allows the principals to be involved from schematic design through construction documents, ensuring that design goals remain in focus and project objectives are obtained. Ward + Blake believes that architecture should respond to its particular place and be a natural partner with the environment. The firm’s designs evolve from an appreciation for pragmatic solutions within the honesty of modernism. By working within the context of our rich environment and applying sustainable strategies to a wide variety of building types and project scopes, Ward + Blake designs architecture that conserves energy and natural resources while creating high performance buildings and healthy environments for the buildings occupants. We listen carefully to the desires, goals and program of our clients. Ward + Blake has an excellent track record averaging less than 1% change orders on our commercial and educational projects.