Project: "+Y "
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Qin Li, Gabe Lamb, Naoya Edahiro, fuseproject, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: The +Y phone represents a return to the basics; in an age where phones have become about their deluge of features, the +Y presents an alternate approach. With the idea of literally crafting every part of the phone, the +Y is about voice, clarity and simplicity, bringing the phone back to its original purpose in a beautifully fresh way. Inspired by the idea of a luxury watch, the phone is designed to the last detail, ensuring timeless aesthetics as well as high quality. Employing both design and manufacturing techniques from jewelry-making, the +Y is incredibly tactile, with design elements and materials that respond to touch. Similar to watch links, each key can be distinguished, individual pieces coming together to make a cohesive keypad experience. In addition, the keypad has no external bezel but is an edge-to-edge design, a critical visual and tactile aspect of the phone. Exposed metal work, such as the screws on the side of the phone, echo watches, furthering the idea of the +Y as more than just a phone, but a luxury accessory. With the focus of the experience on voice and speaking functionality, we took great care to ensure the audio performed at top quality. The sound chamber within the +Y phone has been specially engineered for superior voice and acoustic performance with authenticity and crisp clarity. Most companies cram as much technology into a product as possible rather than considering how consumers use that technology; most other phones are just two pieces of plastic snapped together. Good design uses the process of elimination, doing more with less. The +Y focuses on the essence of a phone, without getting distracted with superfluous features. With the purity of experience central to the phone, the +Y is a unique and timeless piece, meant to last.

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