Project: "AirZone Series 1"
Designer(s): Peter Riering-Czekalla - Head of Design, GEAR4 , United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: GEAR4 AirZone Series 1 is a premium wireless speaker solution designed to be an elegant presence in the home at a price point more affordable to the average consumer. AirZone uses high quality materials inside and out, from the neodymium magnet drivers, to the aluminum wrap-around speaker grille, implying non-directional surround sound. AirZone uses simple and iconic colors, exploring the interplay between black elements on the top portion of the speaker and the bent aluminum wrap-around grille below . The two portions are separated by an extra thin high gloss ring, creating a sophisticated, refined appearance. The volume control is a classic silver knob, allowing any listener (not just the person sending music wirelessly to the speaker) to quickly adjust volume. The simplicity and familiarity of a volume knob means that users understand the mechanics of adjusting the volume even if they've never seen the speaker before. The speaker rests on a bright red rubber pad with a trendy pattern. This red base is a shared secret between the owner and the speaker they've invited into their home. While it is not visible when the speaker is in use, this element creates a moment of surprise and delight when the consumer first sees it.

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