Project: "Renew SleepClock"
Designer(s): Dominik Langhammer - Senior Designer, Peter Riering-Czekalla - Head of Design, GEAR4, United States
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Renew SleepClock is a ground breaking product in the field of sleep monitoring. Combining the versatility of iOS powered devices with wireless technology lifted from the medical field, it lets users accurately record how they sleep at night to track their sleep habits over long periods of time. The key benefit of Renew SleepClock is its non-contact aspect: because there is no headband or wristband to wear, it wonít disturb your sleep while trying to track it. To measure your sleep contact-free, Renew SleepClock uses soft radii to create the impression of an object that levitates just above the bedside table. Renew SleepClock then intelligently interprets your nightís sleep to pick the best moment to wake you up within a pre-selected time period, allowing you to wake up on time and refreshed. The aesthetic design of Renew SleepClock incorporates features to improve the userís sleeping environment. The deviceís black matte finish with black fabric absorbs light, fighting light pollution in a sleeping environment where a gloss black finish could disturb sleep by reflecting and amplifying light pollution. The buttons on the top surface of Renew are gloss finished and gently domed, so that the just-waking user can feel the difference easily in the dark. To further provide an ideal sleeping environment, Renew incorporates both the display of the iPhone and a soft blue LCD into its interface to gently dim as you fall asleep and brighten as you wake. Renew also uses its monitoring functions to replace the traditional sleep timer function: it will play music (iPod or radio) until you've fallen asleep and then fade the volume down gradually, without the need to set a timer.

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