Project: "Art Center DOT Launch Branding Program"
Company:Gee + Chung Design
Designer(s): Earl Gee, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Art Center College of Design is known for its orange dot logo. DOT Launch is the school's new entrepreneurial initiative providing enterprising Art Center designers with the knowledge, experience and resources to develop entrepreneurial ventures. Our solution uses the orange dot to connect the initiative to the school and a soaring rocket to represent the launch of new enterprises. The logo also creates a symbolic pencil point, as many innovative design ideas originate with a simple pencil sketch. The tagline "Empowering Design Entrepreneurs" clearly defines the initiative's focus, identifies its audience and references the launch theme. The logo can be used in a number of different signature configurations to meet a wide variety of space requirements, resulting in an extremely flexible branding system. The animated intro connects the rocket launch identity to a pencil point as the genesis for innovative design ideas, while transforming the orange dot into a visual representation of empowering design entrepreneurs. The secondary symbol system places Art Center's orange dot at center of each of the entrepreneurial initiative's core aspirations. The business card typography creates a rocket exhaust trail. The rocket tip points to the person's name and title on the orange back. The shirt uses a striking black background to introduce the logo and tagline on the front while displaying the logo on the back. The award recognizes the contributions of Partners, Mentors and Entrepreneurs, using the logo to create unique dimensional form. The email announces events, lectures and workshops, using color to define each area of content. The website introduces the rocket launch concept and serves as an all-encompassing resource for Art Center designers seeking to become successful design entrepreneurs.

About the Designer/Company
Earl Gee is Partner and Creative Director, with Fani Chung, of Gee + Chung Design, an award-winning multidisciplinary brand communications firm based in San Francisco. Gee + Chung Design enjoys the challenge of making complex new technologies understandable through innovative design strategies which engage audiences and enable clients to stand out from competition. The firm has built an international reputation for developing successful branding, print, packaging, environmental and interactive programs for leading clients including Apple, Adobe, National Semiconductor, IBM, Oracle, Lucasfilm, the Federal Reserve Bank, Chronicle Books and Stanford University. Earl was formerly a designer at Landor Associates in San Francisco, creating identity programs for Fortune 500 companies and senior designer at Mark Anderson Design in Palo Alto, designing award-winning branding programs for Herman Miller, PG&E and the Oakland Museum. Earl has been named in Graphic Design USA’s 50th Anniversary Survey as one of the 50 “Most Influential Graphic Designers Working Today” and one of its “People to Watch in 2010.” He was also one of only 50 U.S. graphic designers selected for the international edition of Who’s Who in Graphic Design. He has served on a U.N.-sponsored design delegation touring China, lectured at leading universities and design organizations across the country and served on the board of the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. He is a frequent juror for major design competitions including Communication Arts, Spark, Creativity, Critique, STEP, Publish, Exhibitor and Sappi Paper. He received his BFA in graphic design with Distinction from Art Center College of Design and was included in Design Impact: A History of Art Center College of Design.