Project: "Sikorsky Aerospace Services"
Designer(s): "Charlie McMillan","Nancy McMillan"., United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) is an aviation service company. This exhibit was an interactive experience to explore the complete range of products and services that SAS provides throughout the aviation industry. Created in modular segments, the exhibit is configured to address the needs of different audiences at many shows and types of configurations. The target audience represented the following industries: off shore oil, police or fire departments and medical emergency transport. The intention was to create a space where the user could get the overview of all capabilities quickly, and clearly communicate to them how that contributes to the uniqueness of the brand. Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) considered their visual representation in past trade shows as “unsexy” compared to the visual impact of the overall Sikorsky exhibit including (3) large helicopters on display. The challenge was to elevate Services to be of equal importance and to unify multiple SAS divisions with new acquisitions, into one clear presentation. We needed to create a modular design in 25% of the total 210’ x 80’ floor space that harmonized with existing brand look and feel. As a creative component, we designed a large, abstract version of an aircraft fuselage form, that presented SAS providing a visual statement as powerful as the aircraft on display. These forms, encourage the visitors to enter inside to focus on more detailed presentation content. The overall form related to the aircraft forms rather than competing with the existing exhibit structure - and with the consistency of materials and graphic treatment, the SAS exhibit harmonized with the existing brand look and feel. We also provided a design to mount product and video in the interior sections, that were displayed in context of an aircraft interior and could be rearranged differently at each show.

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