Project: "Sam's Creek"
Company:Bates Masi + Architects
Designer(s): Paul Masi, Harry Bates, Robert Couch, Kerry Sandoval, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: We live in a time where smart phones and tablets are in everyone’s hands and multitasking is the normal way of life. Influenced from the client’s multitasking lifestyle, a diverse set of requirements developed for a new home. A series of autonomous open-ended boxes, each tailored to a portion of the architectural program focuses the view from the street though the house to the landscape in the rear. On the exterior, interstitial spaces between the arranged boxes are gardens and patios. The overlap of the boxes on the interior creates thresholds and highlight interesting moments. Transparency through the house puts activities on display, and provides a setting where guests can see and be seen. The separation of program into individual volumes allows the multitasking lifestyle of the clients to continue into their home. Where multitasking on a daily basis can seem chaotic, a new order is developed by the architecture. The client’s new home allows them to keep up with their busy lifestyle while also providing respite from it.

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