Project: "ISO PLAY"
Company:Tanya Nazywalskyj
Designer(s): Tanya Nazywalskyj, Canada
Category: , Student
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Entry Description: To develop an illimitable, wheelchair-accessible playground where all children can play and interact together. The primary focus is to provide an equally fun and safe playground that allows paraplegic children to play independently, as well as inclusively with their peers. This wheelchair-accessible playground can be reconfigured depending on the desired environment, thereby making it modular. The intended size of the playground is approximately 2600 sq. ft., and 90% of the components are not only wheelchair accessible, but actually permit paraplegic children to play without requiring assistance.

About the Designer/Company
I am a detail oriented, Solidworks-enthusiast, and Industrial Design graduate with a DEC in Industrial Design Techniques. My focus is on manufacturing processes and technical development, with a particular interest in children's toys and educational tools. My passion for design and manufacturing has also led me to regularly explore flea markets and garage sales for bicycle components, as I enjoy rebuilding and refurbishing ten speed, steel-framed bicycles during my spare time.