Project: "Swivl by Satarii"
Company:Studio Backs
Designer(s): Jochen Backs / Clément Boëns, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: The Swivl mobile accessory allows users to simply and easily make videos of themselves. Swivl automatically follows the user with a sensor enabled motorized base for a mobile video device, paired with a wearable marker for the user. We were given a technology of a sensor enabled and motorized base for a mobile video device with a paired marker. The marker would be held like a remote control or worn by the person. The sensor connection allows the base to "follow you" and keeps you in the camera field of view. This technology combination is ideal for capturing video of yourself for vlogging, sports, education and more. The challenge was to create a design with the smallest package and to create a new archetype for this new technology and use. Second, to design an easy and intuitive way of docking/undocking or clamping a Smartphone or digital camera onto the mobile video device, which would allow any Apple iPhone 4s, 4, iPod Touch (4th generation), Flip, GoPro or other digital camera to connect. Third, to find a way to express its pan&tilt motion. Fourth, the device had to be easily and quickly folded-up for transport, including the marker. Lastly, to create a product name and branded image to communicate product-use and -benefit to potential new users. The final Swivl product is a vloggers dream of mobile accessory, because it removes the challenge of capturing yourself on video and lets you focus on sharing your ideas and life with the world. It's compatible with both Apple iOS devices and the still beloved FLIP camera. Swivl comes with horizontal and vertical following capability. This Multi-Axis Motion lets you freely move around your mobile camera and be confident that you’ll be well framed, regardless of where you stand.

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