Project: "bCODE MP300 Retail Terminal"
Company:Studio Backs
Designer(s): Jochen Backs, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: bCODE’s MP300 Retail Terminal sends bCODE’s (barcodes) to a customers mobile device, which when scanned reveals one or multiple promotional offers on-screen. Once selected a physical coupon will be printed to be handed to the cashier. Used as a countertop, stacked on top of a printer or side-by-side, floorstanding or near a retail POS terminal, the MP300 is intended to run promotional campaigns and “new” payment applications. The core commercial opportunity for Mobile Commerce in cinemas is to integrate bCODE Mobile Promotions and Brand Affinity marketing with bCODE Mobile Ticketing. Next to Cinemas, additional applications are Retailers, Event Ticketers and Mobile Operators. An optional external 3” thermal printer allows to print receipts, tickets or coupons or interfaces directly to a POS system via USB emulation of a barcode scanner. Additional signage can be attached next to the bCODE scanner module or behind the terminal to help identify the terminal location.

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