Project: "Molded Pulp Packaging for The North Face "
Company:Studio Backs
Designer(s): Jochen Backs, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: Packaging for The North Face Baselayer clothing line using sustainable methods of molded fiber (paper pulp). Molded fiber offers its own opportunities and challenges. The final clamshell design is molded out of a single piece including hinge points and locking features. The package can be hung or displayed freestanding on shelves. After an extensive search into green, sustainable materials, like rice paper, sugar cane, cork, bamboo, wood-paper, corrugated cardboard, paper honeycomb, egg carton, we decided on molded pulp because of its strength and recyclability. The packaging uses a double-pressed process to ensure best surface finish and crisp recessed recycling icons.

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