Company:KLID ( Kris Lin International Design)
Designer(s): Kris Lin,KLID(Kris Lin Interior Design),Jiayu Yang,KLID(Kris Lin Interior Design), China
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: This club is located on the beach, a building with the concept of a glass box. The original idea is based on "the tea art concept house" as the main axis to create an artistic conception, that has a concise Zen space of Orientalism. The first floor is the "tea art houses", but the functions of sales hall must be combined, so six groups of VIP-style cafes are arranged on the best sea-view surface, where you can taste tea while enjoying the sea view. The main bar is located at the center of the hall, from where the whole area can be controlled, a large pendant lamp should be arranged at the higher location of the hall ceiling so as to enlarge the sense of high ceiling space. The basement lobby connected to the first floor by the staircases on both sides of the hall, is designed with a lotus pond of oriental image, and the lobby can also be shown in the model section, the two sides of the lobby are also a subsidence area, but the center of the subsidence area is an empty patio, which can bring light and air to the basement space. One of the subsidence areas is an extension of the tea houses on the first floor, where are designed with four different VIP rooms and private rooms that can fulfill the functions such as dining, meeting, negotiation and other functions, and an art exhibition hall is set up for future events and exhibitions. Another subsidence area is installed with the functions required by the club, such as an auditorium, gymnasium, dance studio, lounge etc., and a lotus pond is designed within the high ceiling patio, which is an extension of an image, but also reaches to the Oriental flavor.

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