Project: "Trajectum Lumen collateral"
Company:Vruchtvlees & Festina Lente Collective
Designer(s): Creative direction: Remy Harrewijn Creative direction: Victor Ponten Art direction: Reinier van der Ven Graphic design: Reinier van der Ven Graphic design: Tom Bogman Spatial design: HIK ontwerpers Technical direction: Tom Walter Web development: Marvin de Bruin I-phone app development: Eelke Feenstra Android app development: Mobile Movement Animation: Marlies van der Wel Sound design: Arjen Schut Project support: Nico de Haan Project support: Andre Malotaux Project support: Frieder Wallis, Netherlands
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Trajectum Lumen itself is a ninety-minute walk in Utrecht city centre combining light, art and storytelling. Our goal was to brand the event. The brand had to be equally entertaining and informative, and tell great stories in a beautiful, visually appealing way. We came up with a fictional character named Luman, Utrecht's Lord of the Night, who would guide you through the city's dark secrets. We made several promotional items like a map, a branded city bus, flyers and lanterns and footsteps throughout the city.

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