Project: "International Woman's Day Kit "
Company:Superbacana Design
Designer(s): Art Director: Vivian de Cerqueira Leite Designers: Laura Álvares Eggers and Luiza Campanelli Marçal Vieira Other names of creative team: Julia Vescovi Meirelles , Brazil
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The advertising agency Almap BBDO wanted to send it's clients a gift for the international women's day. The box, covered in red textured paper, holds inside itself rubber stamps, stamp pads in different colors and cards with envelopes. The goal was to stimulate creativity, as the women who receive this gift can play with the stamps and colors by making custom greeting cards. Inside the box there are also instructions and tips on how to use the kit, mixing with different kinds of paper, or using colored markers.

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