Project: "Bright, Open Space"
Company:Tien Fun Interior Planning Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Ching-Ping Chang & Tien Fun Interior Planning Co ; Ltd, Taiwan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: From the precise co-work among the communication, understanding and life detail demand, we can discover the concept connecting linkage and expansion. It creates the gradation of space and penetrant floating through the open or esoteric room, the contrast or slowly changing gradation. The contrast space displays the light’ embellish. Just because of this, we can change the original point of view ab Just because of this, we can change the original point of view about the space thinking and lead the user to have the whole new image and realize the inmost wish.

About the Designer/Company
Tien-Fun was established on 1988 at Tienmu, Taiwan and is now roots in Taichung. We are specializing in high end residential design and showflat design throughout Asia. Our design team consists of more than 20 experienced designers and specializing in different design styles, such as Asian style, Classic styles, Modern style and Retro style etc. A project would assign to a designer which most familiar with the client's request.