Project: "Chrysalis Stool"
Company:One & Co
Designer(s): One & Co Design Team, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The design of Chrysalis Stool is based on two interdependent premises. First, the stool is designed to appear unstable while still feeling elegant and sophisticated. Second, the base is constructed of two continuous stainless steel loops. To accomplish the unstable appearance, the rod wants to be relatively thin in diameter eliminating that as a possible solution for strength. The two loops work to reinforce the thin rod by connecting the legs across the weakest location. In addition, the horizontal loop acts as a foot rest thus creating a user perceived function instead of looking like mechanical structure. Debuting at International Contemporary Furniture Fare, the Chrysalis is an iconic, yet simple stool. At once delicate and robust, the stool features a sleek molded leather seat perched atop a slender stainless steel base; the cross bar doubles as a foot rest. Chrysalis is a graceful, versatile piece that was ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The innovative integration of two looped stainless steel rods creates a unique, iconic stance. The angular, faceted leather elegantly sits atop the base.

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