Project: "DNA-Genetically Modified"
Company:Taiwan TECH
Designer(s): HUANG, TSUNG-MIN, Taiwan
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Increasing population led to food shortage. In order to satisfy more humans’ needs, our lives are filled with lots of genetically-modified (GM) foods. Scientist claims GM foods could enhance the production and nutrition, also with anti-insect so that GM foods could be preserved longer. But altered-gene specie only has the same appearance with the original one, in fact, they are not natural and safe anymore.

About the Designer/Company
HUANG,TSUNG-MIN,who was born in 1988 at Kaohsiung City Taiwan is currently studying in master's degree of Commercial Design in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Appreciation of picture transmission,for me, it is very exciting to see and to create meanings to the ideas I draw. Using picture transmission to express a feeling or a story is very entertaining. I will always remember and keep my zeal to improve further; I hope I can create more and more work in the future and contribute myself in the design world.