Project: "PURISME Pipe by VAUEN"
Company:formquadrat gmbh
Designer(s): formquadrat gmbh - Mario Zeppetzauer PURISME GmbH , Austria
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: PURISME Pipe: Enjoy Innovation Newcomer PURISME makes a spectacular debut in the world of luxury design. A nnew exciting approach to the pleasure of pipe smoking : PURISME presents pipe. Design that turns heads. PURISME Pipe is more than just a new dimension of pipe smoking pleasure: It is the comebackof the pipe to the realm of trend and cult. The PURISME Pipe is an European product of uncompromising quality: Each single PURISME Pipe is made to meticulously controlled quality standards in aunique combination of traditional craftsmanship and latest production technology. One amazing design detail is the unique “UpsideDown” pipehead: On it the PURISME Pipe stands upright in perfect, safe balance wherever you set it down.

About the Designer/Company
Since 2010 formquadrat gmbh developes numerous designs in the fields of sport, investment and industrial products. www.formquadrat.com