Project: "BILT by Agassi "
Company:Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.
Designer(s): Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.:William Cesaroni – PresidentMorad Ghassemian – Director Product Development GRAA Innovations:Gil ReyesAndre Agassi Chip ZielkeLenz Engineering, United States
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: The newest and innovative line of strength fitness equipment: twelve different exercise machines, catering to different parts of your body and muscles, including selectorized weight stack and bench press machines. //Flat Bench, Decline Bench, Incline Bench// Designed to simplify and improve the all important “lift-off”; Designed with retractable arms. The design eliminates stress on the shoulders which is imposed when the user reaches up and back to lift weighted bar of the traditional starting position. //Isocurl// Targeting the biceps, the User is seated with arms elevated to isolate the muscle through concentrated range of motion. //Triceps Press// The seated angle position helps the user to isolate the triceps without the assistance of one’s own body weight. //Power Stride// Isolates each leg, enabling the user to strengthen the weak side. Pedal placement allows user’s feet to remain flat during stride movements, distributing force evenly across the user’s feet rather that a single focused point.. //Calf Flex// Isolates calf flexion to include a full range of motion; a consummate stretch and flex of the calves, ankles a¬¬nd feet. //Hip Flexors// Designed for training and rehabilitating the muscles of the lower body, with a great emphasis on the hip flexors (iliopsoas). Provides equal training in each leg, allowing for balanced and intense training without reconfiguring the actuator arm. //Abdominal Machine// Designed to reducing the risk of injury, including reduction of strain to the user’s back. //Low Back Machine// Designed to safely stretch and flex the lower back muscles, hips and hamstrings. //Quad// Multi-purpose cable apparatus creates versatility for many exercises and techniques for the upper body and the lower body; the cable pulleys are positioned closer together than conventional cable cross over systems. //COD (Change of Direction)// The ability to perform squatting/ knee bend movements along with lateral movements is innovative and exciting.

About the Designer/Company
From product conception to market introduction Cesaroni Design offers the best in industrial design, product research, graphic user interface design, ergonomic analysis, model building, prototyping and branding. Cesaroni Design is a consistent leader in Industrial Design as a result of our firm commitment to progressive product design. Our product designers are continually introduced to new manufacturing processes and challenged to develop innovative product solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to being a knowledgeable design resource with an in-depth understanding of successful product design and development. Our product designers are proficient in the following software: SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PhotoWorks, Abode Illustrator and CorelDraw.