Project: "V. House"
Company:AM+D Studio Alessandro Marchelli + Designers
Designer(s): Alessandro Marchelli, Italy
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The opera erudite flows that blend into a dizzying sense of perceptions of volumes, combined with a clear understanding of the light that hides appearing in its majestic intensity, are the focal points of the design of this apartment, where the pencil to comment on the "canvas of the existing fabric" redrawing the new architectural dress. A work created as a project by hand leaving the senses, lulled into a dream of shapes and atmospheres, freeing the mind and a perception of the space, colors and emotions. The living room becomes a nest of living rise to forms of a warm embrace, boasting of freedom of expression. The soft curves that wrap around the environment, to be synonymous with bottom identical to the movement of white silk that caresses an elegant female body touched by a slight breeze, bringing with it the feeling of purity of the lines. The resin flooring is a body of water that receives and reflects the essence of life, thrilling the senses like a calm sea at sunrise color in a caress of suggestions that propagate in space as vibration turning the love life, the flame of wellness and relaxation. The vibrating waves, the transition between living and sleeping area, chasing broken, dematerializing gently on the horizon, focusing the beams in a delicate pas de deux, imagining the force of gravity, created by light, produces surfaces boldly read. The walls change in a natural way forgiandosi in warm corten, warming the atmosphere in a vortex of modernity antiqued. "The Cove" design by Alessandro Marchelli, is the triumph of lightness protagonist of rest, suspended in the "nirvana" and wrapped in leather tufted cantilever. In a deafening roar of silence, the room is immersed in shades of white, from glossy to opaque spatula framing of mirrors, curtains and light blue accent a totally relaxing.

About the Designer/Company
Interior Architect and Industrial Designer, Art Director, consultant in public and private fields, specialized in Brand Vision, Concept Design, Design Development for HOME + SPA & HOTEL. From 1990, founder and director of the design company AM+D alessandro marchelli + designers an international and multicultural company, focused on sensory interior architecture and creative and experimental design. Philosophy Of The Company: With its unconventional inventiveness, the company AM+D alessandro marchelli + designers creates atmospheres, situations and feelings sometimes with a provocative attitude and in contrast with the outside world, not for a taste for going in the opposite direction but aiming at producing long-lasting sensations and emotional suggestions. • His projects of interior, contract, industrial and exhibit design, graphics and communication show the “exhaltation of the senses” which always pervades his acts and his ideas, focused on bringing design to the heart, the eyes and the mind of everyone. Characterized by winding and rounded shapes, his design goes provocatively against minimalism, models, research continues in the contemporary world, and in the ongoing merger between wonder and convenience In his career he signed several projects of interior design and fitting-out for both domestic and work environments. He designed industrial design objects for major Italian companies and his interior design projects have often been published on magazines related to design and interior architecture. Studying and striving for perfection are the essential requirements of the philosophy of the company, the base to find innovative solutions and create spaces that with their uniqueness and charm can give shape to the customer's passions, by modeling the environment with inventiveness. He is aware of the need to highlight the potential of every project to provide the greatest livability together with a new and customized aesthetic quality. Translating imagination into reality: this is our art and our way of thinking