Project: "Bell-Henry Residence"
Company:SkB Architects
Designer(s): Shannon Gaffney, Kyle Gaffney, Douglas McKenzie, Emily Moses, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The original house was designed and built in the early 90ís. It was a cold interpretation of minimalist modern architecture and is significantly different than the context of homes surrounding it. The house was dark, inwardly focused and did not acknowledge or connect to the site. Our clients loved the property with western views to Lake Washington in Seattle. They also knew the house had potential to become a home to raise their two children and showcase their growing art collection. Through the use of contrasting natural materiality and the introduction of new glazing the light filled house is now tactile, warm, and humanistic. The line between interior and exterior is blurred creating a positive energy the original house never had.

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