Project: "aČ Pharmaceutical"
Company:On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
Designer(s): Art Director: Leo. P. H. Chan / Designer: Kobe So, Hong Kong
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: aČ Pharmaceutical has specialized in highly efficacious skin healing and anti-ageing solutions for the medical and aesthetic industries in Japan since 1986. Leveraging years of research and clinical trials in the professional sector, our team of scientists are extending their medical expertise to home users with a new line of anti-ageing solutions. Since it is a Japanese medical brand, not like other fancy labels on the market, we applied a minimal but professional look and feel on the packaging, less is more.

About the Designer/Company
On Your Mark Design Laboratory (OYM), is a Hong Kong-based creative laboratory founded by Leo P. H. Chan in 2004. Through experiments and testing in the lab, they always try their best to find out new possibilities in design and brand strategies for clients. Within years, OYM had been received international design awards over different categories.