Project: "SIGUR"
Company:MYKITA GmbH
Designer(s): Moritz Krüger, Philipp Haffmans, Daniel Haffmans, Germany
Category: Accessory, Professional
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Entry Description: MYKITA has been producing premium eyewear in the heart of Berlin since 2004. The renowned, lightweight and innovative sheet steel frames come with a patented screwless hinge.The LITE series sees MYKITA introducing its lightest metal frame concept to date. SIGUR is marked by the radical simplicity of the round form. Delicate and modern at the same time, it likewise has imaginative colour combinations providing a decisive accent Colours SIGUR: Silver/Neon Pink, Gold/Warm Grey and Silver/Black SIGUR is a corrective spectacle that is very unique with its design and technical innovation. The new developed hinge system is no longer an extra component; rather it has been integrated into the frame, where as the temple functions as one part and the front as the other. In other words the frame itself became the hinge. On top the hinge system is part of the embellishment of the glasses that also exposes the advanced technology to everyone. The material used to create the pair of glasses is a 0,5mm thin stainless steel sheet that has been folded, with the use of individual designed hand-held machinery, into the given shape. Brooke exists out of 3 main parts – the front and the two temples, which makes the glasses highly flexible and thus resilient as well as extremely light. SIGUR is marked by the radical simplicity of the round form and shows that the design team from MYKITA truly understands a creative use of modern material. Facts: SIGUR is handmade in Berlin, Germany. SIGUR currently available in more than 2000 shops across 56 SIGUR is made of 0,5mm thin stainless steel countries Size/dimensions:135 width x 44 hight Weight of the project:13,6 Gramm Price:RETAIL PRICE 521,- USD

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