Project: "The New Old"
Company:Jessica Liew
Designer(s): Jessica Liew, Australia
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The owner’s love of antiquity and art has resulted in a home that radiates character, honesty and age. With a blank canvas and in a mixed context - came the brief to create a new dwelling that for a modern lifestyle but with the charm of an old home – “The new old”. The principle of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, the beauty of imperfection, was employed. There is a simple beauty in each recycled tumbled brick used. The rake joints expose the cracks, blemishes and broken corners of each individual brick. The matt white paint complements other natural materials used including timber, marble and bluestone. Reverse brick veneer construction was the perfect solution yet a simple old technology employed. External cladding and insulation takes up the thermal lag and heat is kept out from the mass inside to keep the house cool in summer. In winter, the concrete slab and internal brickwork mass acts as a heat battery, absorbing low winter sun, and slowly releasing that stored energy at night.

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