Project: "Jewellery Artist House - Atelier"
Company:MZ Architects
Designer(s): MZ Architects, Lebanon
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The house – atelier has been designed for a young Saudi jewellery artist who wished to have a private living and working space expressing her soul and creations, within the garden of her family’s main residence where she currently lives. As the family-owned plot is surrounded by a chaotic concentration of residences, shops and a school, the main concern was to create a structure completely disconnected from its surrounding and from the family house, with a peaceful inner sanctuary isolated from the disturbances of the outside world. The proposed building consists of a cylindrical volume embracing a rectangular one. The cylinder acts as a protective closed wall with a single narrow opening serving as the entrance, while the inside rectangle accommodates fluidly all the house functions necessary for the everyday life of the artist: a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and an atelier. The interior space interacts smoothly with the serene outdoor atrium, a large terrace garden with one symbolic tree and a circular water feature. By means of this composition, the ring-shaped structure figuratively resembles a cocoon ensuring a sense of intimacy and calmness for the house, that closes itself completely from the surroundings. It is a protected haven clearly expressing the soul of the artist, where she can retreat and let herself grow both as an independent person and a genuine designer. Inside her compact house and atelier, the artist can have a good rest, receive family and friends, work freely, experience new jewellery materials and forms, expand her imagination, ideas and techniques, and give birth to her creations.

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