Project: "xWallDock"
Company:Vertex Product Development Inc.
Designer(s): Avi Cohen, United States
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: This came from a need and continued frustration of being puzzled as to “who moved my charger?” Almost everyday I remember searching the house for a charger that my teenager took up to his room or my wife forgot in her office. Feeling frustrated like this so often I found myself wishing I could just screw a charger to the wall. So this is how the idea for the xWallDock was born. I designed the xWallDock to be easily installed and without the need to internally wire it. It has an internal printed circuit board which will get connected to the charger in the outlet via micro USB short cable on the bottom end and act as a pass thru to the device.

About the Designer/Company
Vertex Product Development, Inc. is a full service Product Development firm. We have expertise in Industrial Design and Prototyping as well as in Engineering and Production Documentation. Vertex will take on your project at any point in the product's life cycle. Our skilled team is committed to providing innovative and marketable solutions, here are just a few: Developing new conceptual designs Redesigning existing products Engineering Full product and profitability evaluations Our team of highly trained professionals keep abreast of new and emerging technologies through constant research, training and development. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce advanced designs, to generate manufacturing specifications and to engineer mechanically and ergonomically optimized products. Our management team has extensive insight, knowledge and experience in all areas of planning, project management, and business strategy. Vertex offers a complete product development experience with professionalism, technical ingenuity and creativity, which leads to product excellence and client satisfaction.