Project: "Searching for Eur-Asia / Towards the unity of Europe and Asia"
Company:Aizawa office
Designer(s): Art Director/Yukihiko Aizawa Design/Yukihiko Aizawa, Japan
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: This is a journey by a curator Shinya Watanabe who tries to unite Europe and Asia as one continental culture of Eurasia.    Under the concept of fusing and crossing of various cultures, by locating the continent at the middle, I express it as a graphic design.

About the Designer/Company
aizawa office aizawa office is a design studio led by Yukihiko Aizawa and China Nagata. The office involves in general graphic designs, such as CI, advertisement, and sign project, both inside and outside of Japan. The office covers wide genres of designs, such as commercial design, museum exhibitions and fashions.