Project: "The Giverny"
Company:Mon Deco
Designer(s): Leo Yeung, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In design layout, the underground is living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom for guest and garden. The first floor is master bedroom, room for parents and two rooms for children. Rooftop is an open leisure area. There is a row of large white baking enamel door in irregular and geometrical shape and wall decoration panel beside the dining room. After being closed of doors, the dining room will be in oval shape and be separated into two different spaces with the kitchen and washroom for guest behind it, which feels more unified. The huge lotus steel decoration hanging on the wall of dining room contrasts finely with outdoor water pool and the floating leaf decoration on wall and is very fashionable. On the one hand, the living room with raised floor increases the layering of the space and makes people see the thought being used on space differentiation. The special semi-open bathroom design is adopted at the master bedroom on the first floor. The sleeping area is connected with bathing area, golden steel frame is used for decoration and frosted glass sliding doors with simple and elegant line is used as separation. The glass doors greatly improved the layering and visual continuity of the two area of sleeping and bathing, making owner can both enjoy the living space and having a great view of the green landscape outdoor. The closing and opening of sling doors is flexible and can change the space into open or close structure at any time. Two children rooms is similar with design sketch of famous cars on the white acrylic plates and carved into the wall, become the highlight of the room. The marble staircase with golden butterflies decoration on the mirror wall, which add much vitality for the original simple marble steps.

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