Project: "OLPC XO Tablet"
Designer(s): Yves Behar & fuseproject team: Director of Industrial Design: Noah Murphy-Reinhertz Industrial Designer: Willy Carteau Industrial Designer: Mirko Ihrig Director of Brand and Digital: Curt Collinsworth Senior Visual Design Lead: Kristine Arth Visual Design Lead: Brett Middleton Visual Designer: Merrill Heinrich Program Manager: Noah Polsky , United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: fuseproject and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) believe that it is only through access to education that kids will develop the skills to break the cycles of poverty, disease and corruption. Through this stewardship in the developing world, we realized the potential the XO tablet could bring for accessible learning right here at home. Our goal was to bring the OLPC promise for the developing world, to the first world. Learning unites the whole world, binding the village and connecting communities to the global village. The fuseproject OLPC XO Tablet is the next generation educational tool for children around the world. The XO Tablet harnesses the power of a touchscreen device to create new ways for children to learn. XO was created with accessibility, simplicity and quality in focus. The powerful Android tablet has a new user interface and protective cover that delivers the continuity of the design language of the original OLPC, with XO’s fresh learning experience. Android based, open source and easy to develop, we aimed to open up the accessibility. If young thinkers are getting their hands on this technology in developing countries, we also want them to learn how to build those skills learned in play, and be able to grow up with technology that afford them a chance to participate in the global marketplace. A clear hierarchy of information makes tiers of learning within dreams easy to follow and access, a key element of the new child-centric XO Learning System Interface. Centered on the idea of aspirational “dreams”, the main screen organizes by topics, rather than applications. Engaging children's ambitions, organizing the user interface based on children’s content - dreams and goals - rather than subject. The design of this tablet is all about furthering these dreams - helping children realize their life's goals.

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