Project: "Mothersill"
Company:Bates + Masi Architects
Designer(s): Bates Masi Architects: Harry Bates, Paul Masi, Katherine Weil, Doug Farrell, Kerry Sandoval, Rob Couch, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Located on a creek-front property, the site contains two culturally significant structures built in 1962 by architect Andrew Geller and a diversity of landscape plantings. The western edge of the property slopes downward to a low-lying wetland bordering the creek. The owners of the property requested a design that seamlessly incorporated the protected Geller structures, Yew garden, and new residence. To achieve this objective, a constructed path traverses the site to link visual and spatial relationships between these elements. The path takes the form of a raised, wooden surface that recalls the boardwalks of Gellerís architecture. Similar to the way the boardwalks in nearby dunes engage an undulating landscape, this low, horizontal path engages distinct site features with the historic Geller structures and new house. Building and wetland setbacks, existing landscape features, site access, and conservation easement restrictions overlap to create the parameters of a meandering path across the site. A new central lawn is defined as the boardwalk wraps to extend through the main house. A cantilevered deck wraps the end of the main house at the termination of the path, providing views of the sloping wetland and creek. The surface of the path folds up and over to become the enclosure of the main house, simultaneously functioning as floor, wall, and roof. All surfaces of this enclosure are constructed with the same wood decking as the boardwalk. Their uniformity gives the effect of a single envelope containing a variety of parts and reflects the influence of design in Geller's work. In these ways the physical, material, and spatial qualities of the path facilitate an architectural dialogue between the Geller structures and new house that is interwoven with the existing landscape, collecting the once individual elements into a unified whole.

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