Project: "Taipei Plateau Tibetan Basin"
Designer(s): Fa-Hsiang Hu, Yun Liu, Natasha Liao, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a story about and between the author (a leading breast surgeon) and his patients, his father, Taipei, Tibetan, and the integrative medicine. How to design this book in term of its bookbinding and layout were the first few things popping into our minds when we first read the manuscripts. The story was so unique and special that we need to figure out how to deliver the true meanings of what the author tried to express to his readers. First we came up with an idea of using lines to express the distance and altitude. We believe that no matter how far the distance or height it is, there is always a connecting line in between. And we think that all the designs should have its meanings and purposes. Therefore we played around the differences between the “plateau” and “basin” and to enhance the distance and altitude for our book title. We first drew shape of mountain or contour line graphs to link the two (basin and plateau) together in the same space. These two shapes of mountain-like graphs also implied the shape of female breasts, and it is also to signify the thoughts of caring for the patients from the Taipei basin. Again, we want to reinforce the meanings of “plateau” and “basin” and also the female breasts after they were removed from the surgery, we picked a very special art paper and did convex and concave effects on it. Of course, we want to manifest the meanings of our book title; the words of title were also having the convex and concave effects. Moreover, we believe a book design is not only about its bookbinding or layout, the belly band and edges(fore, top and tail) are important too. ? Unlike many other belly band designs, we use a semitransparent tracing paper to print words with fluorescent ink. We hope to show a very unique feeling of what the author want to express in these two places and his state of mind. Up until now, we have basically coved the meanings of the book title, yet we are still missing one thing: what about “Dr. Chiu’s Prescription”? We believe this prescription is not only just a normal medical prescription; it is also a spiritual prescription. If the readers can find their spiritual prescription from this book, it will be the best medicine on earth just as if it is the best medical bible. Therefore a special edition was made by dyeing an oriental red on the three edges of the book to present it as a scripture-like. With all the colors together, it also symbols the colors of Tibetan. We hope you can feel what we feel and enjoy reading this book.

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