Project: "Global Design Network 2013"
Company:On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
Designer(s): On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd. Designer - Leo P. H. Chan, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Global Design Network (GDN) was previously named International Design Network,which was inaugurated in 2005 as one of the concurrent events of the Business of Design Week (BODW) and Inno Design Tech Expo (IDT Expo). The renaming aims to reflect the multitude of international participation in the network, which currently encompasses leading design associations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Aimed to promote the awareness of reviewing the role of design and design organizations in the cultural, economical, social, educational and environmental development in the globe, and to encourage multidisciplinary cooperation between designers and other professions such as artists, psychologists, strategists, researchers, and cultural thinkers across nations. The book was designed for Global Design Network (GDN) Symposium 2013 - Roundtable.

About the Designer/Company
On Your Mark Design Laboratory (OYM), is a Hong Kong-based creative laboratory founded by Leo P. H. Chan in 2004. Through experiments and testing in the lab, they always try their best to find out new possibilities in design and brand strategies for clients. Within years, OYM had been received international design awards over different categories.