Project: "Haiku"
Company:Big Ass Fans
Designer(s): Big Ass Fans, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The ceiling fan hadn’t changed for more than a century. Clunky, noisy and inelegant, it needed more than a makeover; it needed a reinvention. Introducing Haiku®, the first ceiling fan to combine an aesthetically appealing design with unprecedented energy efficiency. When it comes to ceiling fans, everything about Haiku is different. Rather than traditional flat blades, which are both inefficient and unattractive, Haiku’s airfoils connect directly to the center of the fan and feature an aerodynamic profile for smooth, silent airflow. Haiku looks different because it is different, with revolutionary technology that delivers an 80% improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors. While the traditional ceiling fan has three speeds, Haiku’s advanced electronics boasts ten settings, including the exclusive Whoosh™ mode – a proprietary algorithm that simulates the variations of natural breezes, making users feel up to 40% cooler than constant airflow. Meticulously handcrafted of five layers of sustainable bamboo or durable glass-infused matrix composite finished with three coats of automotive-grade finish, Haiku’s Thin SheetTM airfoils are held to the highest standards. Airfoils undergo multiple quality inspections and every Haiku undergoes a 13-step balancing process to ensure no fan will ever rattle or wobble. Haiku is ranked by ENERGY STAR® as the most efficient ceiling fan in the world. Typical residential ceiling fans require 90 to 110 W of electrical input power, while Haiku uses only 2 to 30 W depending on speed setting, exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements for CFM/W by 450 to 750 percent. In a typical year, Haiku would use about 50 kWh, for a cost of around $5. Its industry-leading efficiency, silent motor, tops-in-class airflow, sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship and minimalist design combine to create the perfect air-moving machine. With nine patents worldwide, Haiku is a true original.

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