Project: "Story Garden by AmorePacific"
Company:BRC Imagination Arts
Designer(s): Produced in collaboration with AMOREPACIFIC Executive Producer: Carmel Lewis Creative Director: Christian Lachel, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: AmorePacific set the goal of reinventing the factory tour and brand visitor center by creating an experience that is about the visiting guest as much as it is about AmorePacific, the brand. In September 2013, AmorePacific opened its new visitor center in Osan, Story Garden, which does nothing less than reinvent the very concept of the factory tour and brand center experience. Story Garden immerses guests in a story-based interactive, multi-sensory, multimedia experience including sight, sound, touch and scent. The Story Garden was conceived and produced by experience designers specializing in immersive experiences for brands, museums, world expos, and theme parks. The goal was to employ emotional storytelling to blend exhibits, immersive media, interpretive art installations, and original music to create an uplifting story that builds an emotional bond between visitors and the AmorePacific brand. As guests move from sequence to sequence the emotional effect grows. Each gallery is fully-immersive and has its own emotionally crafted original music score, unfolding scene by scene. The emotional high point of the tour, the "Beauty Transforms Our World" sequence, features a large-scale multimedia experience integrating elements of projection mapping and featuring the project’s original pop song, “Beauty We Create.” Guests are enthralled, thrilled to see themselves literally and figuratively as part of the story. The primary visitor is an AmorePacific employee. The experience is designed to embrace the audience in the spirit of shared dedication, pride of vocation and commitment to quality service and product. What it does is emotionalize and personalize this message, making ambassadors for the theme out of the visitors and guests. No employee would ever expect the company it works for to focus so intently on making them the hero of the company story.

About the Designer/Company
For over three decades, BRC Imagination Arts has been Creating Experiences That Matter - designing and producing unparalleled brand experiences, world expo pavilions, and attractions that engage, inspire and entertain millions of visitors all over the world. BRC clients include Volkswagen, Heineken, Disney, China Mobile, China Telecom, Evergrande Real Estate Group, and General Motors. BRC’s projects have been honored with more than 300 international awards for creative excellence, including the Council of Europe Museum of the Year 2012, Multiple EVENT Gold Awards, 18 THEA Awards for Outstanding Achievement in immersive entertainment and two Oscar nominations.