Project: "The Crown of Izmir, Turkey / 7 stars Hotel & Convention Center"
Company:Professor Dr.
Designer(s): Prof. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp TMMOB , AIA , RIBA , (Architect Urbanist, Author) ; B. D. Breitenfeldt , D. Gencer , F. Ekinci , B. Basaranlar , S. Bakir (Assn't Archs), E. Erol (Arch Illustrator), N. Orhan (Illustrator), Adem Celik (Client), Turkey
Category: Other Architectural designs, Professional
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Entry Description: The Crown of Izmir Seven Stars Hotel and Congress Center, Turkey ?zmir is the third largest city of Turkey. ?t is located on the Egean seashore on the weasten edge of the Anatolian Peninsula. It enjoys a large port and luxurious suburbs where national and international tourists spend the summer vacation. The Crown of Izmir Project is situated in Basmane neighborhood, a rather underdeveloped zone of the City. The Project comprizes 330 rooms, a ball-room(1000 m2) and auditorium (1000 m2) and a shopping arcade (2000 m2). The semi-coupola at the center of the facade is the ‘sky swimming pool’ and top semi-coupola houses the ‘night club and sk yrestaurant’ of the complex. The total enclosed area is 40.000 sqm.

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