Project: "Passages by Paris"
Company:Casa Rex
Designer(s): Creative director: Gustavo Piqueira Design: Gustavo Piqueira / Samia Jacintho, Brazil
Category: Other Graphic designs, Professional
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Entry Description: The Passages by Paris exhibition portrays paintings of multiple artists who lived, worked or simply passed by the city during its golden artistic period in the 19th century. To develop its identity, different fragments of the paintings displayed were pieced together with the letters of the word Paris, creating contemporary panels, which challenged the visitor to discover Paris through its myriad perspectives each one being a key part in its formation.

About the Designer/Company
Casa Rex is a highly acclaimed international design consultancy credited with over 100 awards, with offices in São Paulo and London. Headed up by Gustavo Piqueira, a multi-cultural team of almost 40 people develop strategic design for global consumer brands; original design for editorial, corporate and environmental projects; and cutting-edge experimental design for anything from typefaces to homeware - affirming that Casa Rex can’t be boxed in the traditional “agency” or “design studio” terms. To know more, please access: www.casarex.com