Project: "TA'OR - The Art of Organising"
Company:Van Hoecke nv
Designer(s): Enthoven Associates Antwerpen, Belgium Jean-Pierre Geelen, Ilka Tuinstra Van Hoecke Sint-Niklaas, Belgium Peter Van Hoecke, Kevin Donceel, Belgium
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Organising system for drawers TA’OR is a range of very detailed designed drawers and organizing accessories. TA’OR CUBICS, a wide range of modular elements, designed to offer unlimited possibilities of organizing any drawer. The CUBICS complement and are fully adjusted to TA’OR BOX, neatly finished wooden drawers. These drawers are entirely based on the famous BLUM runner systems. TA’OR CUBICS, stand-alone products, comes in a wide variety of colors and materials (leather, felt, wood and melamine). Due to their modularity they can be mixed and matched in size, design and style to offer a solution for everyone’s taste and needs.

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