Project: "Cocoon"
Company:Grey Canopy Pte Ltd
Designer(s): Grey Canopy Private Limited, Sal Chua, Tan Ching Yii, MS Sam Ang , Singapore
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Like Cocoons where caterpillars nestle, incubate, and bloom as they take off as butterflies... The Cocoon is a where brainstorming take place, where concepts take shape, and where designs take off. The design brief from the client, a resort developer, was to create an unconventional meeting place where groups of external consultants could easily access; and a working environment that encourages communication, interaction, yet provides privacy for the two main groups of staff - the senior executive and project team. Shaped like a Cocoon, the curvilinear stainless-steel structure houses a twenty-person conference room. The Cocoon is connected to the other two main offices via a common passage way that loops around the Cocoon.

About the Designer/Company
We transform space by breaking down boundaries. We create rather than decorate. We listen to needs, rather than glisten with wants. We are Grey Canopy.