Project: "De Yucca House 15"
Company:PTang Studio Limited
Designer(s): Mr. Philip Tang and Mr Brian Ip, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a showflat of De Yucca Development project. It is a 360m2 large with 150m2 outdoor area and divided into 2 storeys. High above the city of Shatin, the flat can enjoy the 180 degree of shimmering seascape. The sitting area connects to the private balcony and swimming pool. Designers use different kinds of leather and fabric to create a soft and comfortable feeling over the flat. A few classic elements like picture frames and mirrors are incorporated with more contemporary touches. In bedrooms, designer chose wallpapers and drapes that boast somewhat traditional motifs, such as a floral pattern, and combined them with furnishings and accessories that have distinctly sleek, streamlined silhouettes.

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